Thermal Reclamation Ovens

ALEV INDUSTRIAL MACHINE will reduce the amount of new sand taken in thermal sand reclamation furnaces, the amount of waste sand going to storage and related transportation costs. ALEV INDUSTRIAL MACHINE offers new standard models ranging from 1 to 10 tons per hour.

Advantages of ALEV ENDÜSTRİYEL MAKİNE Thermal Sand Treatment System:

Low operating cost
Strong molding
Improved casting quality
Fully automated system - minimal manpower for operation
Robust, simple design - low maintenance costs
No cooling towers are needed to protect

Thermal Sand Reclamation
In systems where resin is used as binder for casting sand, our thermal reclamation units ensure the best result.

The resin sheath covering the surface of the used cast sand is burned with the help of the rotary kiln technology and separated from the sand. Thus, return sand with very high purity is obtained.

Our thermal recycling units produced by ALEV INDUSTRIAL MACHINE work integrated with our own production, providing you to get economical, low cost, low labor and high quality products for your business.

 Our machines can be integrated seamlessly with all other casting machines on the market.


Catalyst Rehabilitation Systems

ALEV ENDÜSTRİYEL MAKİNE rotary kilns are used to remove the moisture, carbon and volatile organic compounds of the catalyst material before further processing to separate precious metals from the carrier material. ALEV INDUSTRIAL MACHINE provides the necessary air quality control equipment to comply with local air quality control standards.


Air Quality Control System

ALEV INDUSTRIAL MACHINE will offer a complete air quality control system in the catalyst treatment furnace to comply with local air quality control standards. It includes a typical pollution control system:

Cyclone is activated to remove large particles
No high temperature is required to remove fine particles
The carbon and volatile organic compounds present in the catalyst are normally destroyed in the retort rotary kiln. It is not necessary to ensure air quality suitability in an external application. ALEV INDUSTRIAL MACHINE can provide external thermal oxidizer depending on the expected pollution on the catalyst and to adapt to it.

Thermal Reclamation Ovens
Thermal Reclamation Ovens
Thermal Reclamation Ovens
Thermal Reclamation Ovens
Thermal Reclamation Ovens
Thermal Reclamation Ovens
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