Casting Annealing Ovens

  • Gas or Electric heating
  • Low fuel / electricity consumption, low heat loss
  • Protecting materials from flame contact
  • Can be used up to 1,250 ° C and ± 10 ° C temperature sensitivity at this temperature
  • Uniform heat distribution inside the oven with special high speed burners
  • Regional temperature control capability
  • Preventing overheating and exhaust leaks thanks to the pressure-controlled sliding flue valve
  • Full sealing with hydraulic pressure seal
  • Wide selection of capacities
  • Fast and safe loading and unloading thanks to the speed control unit
  • Specially designed, long-lasting wall and floor insulation
  • Speed controlled air circulation system for electric heating
  • Automatic flame length / resistance current control
  • Controlled cooling option inside the oven
Casting Annealing Ovens
Casting Annealing Ovens
Casting Annealing Ovens
Casting Annealing Ovens
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